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Would you like to attract young talent to your R&D department?

Are you looking for a new technology expert for your team?

Would you like advice on your current team structure in the SW department and on the current recruitment process?

Are you looking for experts in the technologies Java, Microsoft C/.NET/SharePoint, Frontend/Mobile iOS/Android Development, PHP, C/C++ embedded, Network Technologies, Testing for your business?

Take advantage of our many years of professional experience as a human resources consultant for NICHE IT markets and book a free consultation call.

Your are a SW Engineering professional?

Your a looking to land a SW Development Job in Germany?

Would would like to learn the ins and outs of the German job market, the local rights and obligations?

You would like to get advice on your current carrer and explore if your skill-set is needed in innovative SMEs in Germany?

A professional recruitment consultation can not only help you to avoid mistakes and leave money on the table, but also skyrocket your professinal career and support your during you ramp-up and getting to know the local  peculiarities (both cultural and professional)!

The right SW engineering talent for our partners (SMEs) in Bavaria

Hello, my name is Adam Poplawski and I have been working as a Senior Recruitment Consultant for Microfoft technologies in Bavaria for more than 5 years now.

At RecRight we help German SMEs to find the right SW Engineering talents in a timely manner.

On the candidate-side we help to shape, boost, and grow careers (and lives).

At RecRight, we are aware of the fact that small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany are the driving force behind the economy, driving our prosperity and wealth.

At RecRight we work enthusiastically every single day with our partners (both clients and candidates), and one of our most important values is the following:

“We are here to provide an excellent service to our partners and to support their development and innovative capacity.”

We are proud of our work and the role we play in the marketplace.


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Our values …

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As a recruitment agency in the IT-sector in Bavaria, Germany, we support our clients during a professional application process and manage individual, result-oriented recruiting activities.

We take time for your requests and respond to your personal wishes – both on the applicant-side as well as on the company-side.

We visit our customers face-to-face and meet our clients over a coffee. “We listen to you to understand and not to answer you”. 

Quality in everything we do, this is our claim. For us, quality means results-oriented work based on professional and personal information.

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